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Systems Analysis

BMK Media will do a walkthrough of your home or business and evaluate your current setup and determine if there are wholes in your security, out-dated technology, ways to improve, and more. Make sure you are running smoothly and efficiently with a full systems analysis. We can even provide you with a full strategic plan and milestones to space out improvements across budgeting years, without risking system down-time or data loss.


Construction Design/Oversight

BMK Media works with residential, multifamily, and commercial developers, architects, & contractors to ensure sufficient current and future connectivity prior to construction. We can also act as a developer construction advocate and monitor the project to ensure the vendors retained to execute the plans follow them correctly BEFORE any mistakes or delays occur. We have performed many of these construction specification and oversight projects to great savings and satisfaction of our clients.

BMK Media can also do an overview of your project plans and give you a full technology estimate which can be supplied to lenders, business partners, etc. Please contact us directly and we will provide you with an in-depth case-study on some of these projects.


Home Office Design

Finally redesigning that home office you've always wanted? Let us help plan and execute the connectivity side of things. We can work with builders, designers, and furniture vendors to ensure a clean, hidden-cable, and well-planned system. We can also plan and coordinate a home network closet, keeping all your network, automation, and other devices hidden yet accessible in a central location.

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